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SquigBowl Rules


Games will be played using Stockbowl Base Rules, this includes all house rules, rule clarifications and with the added rules outlined below.

The ball is a squig

In SquigBowl games, a Squig is used instead of a ball. All actions and skills that can be used with a normal ball can also be done with a squig.

Squig Test

The SquigBowl rules often call for a Squig Test. Re-rolls cannot be used on a Squig Test.

Squig Test







The squigs can wander about the pitch

If, at the end of each coach's turn, the squig is in an empty square, not carried by a player, the squig might begin to roam. On a successful Squig Test (2+), it wanders D3 squares. Roll the direction of movement randomly for each square.

If the squig moves through a player's square, they can try to grab it as if it were a bouncing ball. If they can't keep hold of it, the squig leaps aside (scatter to an adjacent square) and then continues on its way, if it has movement left. If the squig moves on to a square occupied by a stunned or prone player, or a player with the No Hands skill, scatter it away as above.

The squigs sometimes wriggle free from your hands

If a player carrying the squig declares an action, make a Squig Test. On a failed test (1-), the squig jumps free and moves off D3 squares, as above. This is not a turnover and the player is free to continue with their action.

The squigs sometimes split in two

If the roll for a squig's D3 move was a 6, the squig splits in two. After the first squig has finished moving, move a second squig to D3 squares away from the square where the first squig started.

Also, if a squig lands in an empty square after a failed pick up, fumble, pass that is not caught or kick off, make a Squig Test. On a failed test the squig splits in two. In this case, the original squig does not bounce, assuming it is required to (itís more of a splat), but the second squig moves off D3 squares as above.

If two squigs end up in the same square, scatter one of them away. If there is any dispute about which squig should be moved first, decide the order randomly. Players may not pick-up, catch, or intercept a squig if they are already carrying one. Teams are still limited to one Pass action and one Hand Off action per turn, regardless of the number of squigs in play.

You can score with any squig

A touchdown is scored as soon as any of the squigs is carried into the opposition end zone by one of your players. After a TD or the end of the half, excess squigs are cleared from the pitch by a team of attendants and play restarts with just one squig.

If a squig is kicked forced into the crowd it is crushed by the fans and destroyed, unless it is the last one, in which case the match stewards ensures that a new squig is thrown back (using the normal throw-in rules).

You can block squigs if you want

Players canblock or blitz squigs if they want to, as if they were opposing players. Squigs only get assists from other squigs. If a squig is knocked over but not injured, make a Squig Test. If the test is failed, the squig splits in two, as above.

Take note, however! Injuring the last squig on the pitch (leaving no ball) has a special penalty that counts as a TD for the opposition. In addition, the offending player is sent off for the rest of the match. This works in a similar way to scoring a TD in your opponentís turn; re-set up and move your opponentís turn marker along once.

Please note that as a squig is not an opposing player you get no SPPs for casualties against it.











Jump Up, No Hands, Sidestep**, Squishy***, No Zone ****

* †††††††††††† Squigs are so tiny and slippery that they automatically pass all AG-based checks required of them.

** ††††††††††† Squigs are monumentally brainless. If the squig is pushed back following a block, use a suitable random method to decide on which empty square it is pushed to.

*** ††††††††† New skill: Squishy. Squishy players are automatically injured following a failed armour roll, and are removed from the pitch.

****††† Squigs donít have tackle zones, so players donít have to make dodge rolls to move near them and canít be prevented from assisting a block by a squig.

Special play cards

During SquigBowl matches each coach get 100.000 gp to spend on special play card(s) from the Misc. Mayhem, Special Team Play, Magic Item, Dirty Tricks and/or Good Karma Deck. You must purchase these cards before any other inducements are taken. You may not combine inducements and the card money to get a more expensive card.

If the coaches want to draw cards from the same deck they must draw in order, starting with the one with highest Team Value. This way both teams canít get the same card(s).

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