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 1. StockBowl Rule Book
  1. StockBowl Base Rulesthis rule overrides the Official Rules
We use the Blood Bowl 2016 rules (which includes Death Zone (DZ) 1, DZ 2, and Spike Magazine 01-09) but not the optional rules or the Golden Era Star players. Unless otherwise stated.

Most of the rules can be found in the old free to download Competition Rules Pack.

For available inducements see below.
  2. Dungeon Bowlthis rule overrides the Official Rules
Dungeon Bowl, as its name suggests, is played in a dungeon. The teams move about using teleporters, and must begin the game by searching for the ball hidden in one of the trapped chests scattered throughout the dungeon.

Dungeon Bowl is a variant of Blood Bowl mainly played in the Open league.
See the StockBowl Dungeon Bowl rules for more information.

An edited version of the rules is available here: EDITED StockBowl Dungeon Bowl rules
  3. Boat Pitch rulesthis rule overrides the Official Rules
Boat Pitch, as its name suggests, is played on a boat. With some added challenges (as if not your opposing team and Nuffle was enough!)

Boat Pitch rules is a variant of Blood Bowl mainly played in the Open league.
See the StockBowl Boat Pitch rules for more information.
  4. Squig Bowlthis rule overrides the Official Rules
Sometimes the commissioners will call for a Squig Bowl match to be played.
Usually this will be played by the teams that did not make it to the playoffs during the playoffs-day.
See the Squig Bowl Rules page for more information.

During Squig Bowl matches each coach get 100.000 gp to spend on special play card(s) from the Misc. Mayhem, Special Team Play, Magic Item, Dirty Tricks and/or Good Karma Deck. You must purchase these cards before any other inducements are taken. You may not combine inducements and the card money to get a more expensive card.
If the coaches want to draw cards from the same deck they must draw in order, starting with the one with highest Team Value. This way both teams can’t get the same card(s).
 2. Gameplay
  Cocked Dicethis rule overrides the Official Rules
Thrown dice that does not come to rest on a flat surface on the gaming area (the pitch or surrounding table) is disqualified and must be rerolled. This goes for all dice that are leaning on miniatures, bases, rulers, or any other obstacle. Any dice that land on the floor is also disqualified and must be rerolled.

Only dice that is considered cocked is rerolled, any other dice that where rolled simultaneously still stand.
During Covid-19 we are allowing coaches that can not play the game tabletop due to quarantine or such to play the game online using Fumbbl.
If this can not be done you must leave a walkover.
  Declare your Actions
Before picking up and moving the miniature the coach have to declare what action is used. If no declaration is made before moving the player the action is defaulted to a Move action. (ie. you cannot start moving and half way through the move declare a blitz to block a player)
  Illegal procedurethis rule overrides the Official Rules
Illegal procedure is not used unless both players agree on using it.
  No hoggingthis rule overrides the Official Rules
Both players may use any dice in play. This means that your opponent is allowed to use your dice if he prefers. (Even your special edition super dice.)
All dice are preferably presented before the match start. It’s considered bad form to bring out “that lucky dice” for just one dice roll. (Yes, your opponent may ask you bring it out for him as well, if you used it during the match.)
  No Teleporting
When moving miniatures on the pitch the coach need to indicate clearly which squares the player is moving through by "hopping" the miniature through each square.
  Post-game sequence
Most of the post match sequence is done on the web-page instead of directly after the match.

The following steps must still be taken manually
1. Allocate MVPs
2. Stadium
3. Work out Winnings
4. Roll for Fan Factor

Improvement rolls, hiring/firing players (and journeymen), Team Value calculation and Expensive Mistakes are concluded on-line and must be completed before the next league match can commence. It is customary to conclude these online steps as promptly as possible after a match as a show of good sportsmanship to your upcoming opponent.

Please note that Expensive Mistakes is a part of the Post-game sequence and a roll needs to be done on-line if you have more than 100k in your treasury after you are done with purchases, bounties etc. The only exception is the last game before a re-draft.
  Pre-game sequence
The following sequence is used before each game:

1. Determine Stadium
2. Roll on the weather table
3. Inducements
4. Special play cards
5. Determine FAME
6. Flip for kick
  Time is of the Essencethis rule overrides the Official Rules
We try to keep a brisk pace in the games and the matches will be played with a 2 h 15 minutes, evenly split, match time in the following circumstances:

1. During the play-off matches on the play-off day.
2. If the person responsible for the venue says so.

The clock will be paused to resolve and record Casualties (after amour and injury table is rolled) and to resolve Pass, Throw Team Mate and Bombardier (after the player have finished his move and announced to what player/square he is passing). When your time is up you may only stand knocked down players up during your turn.
 3. StockBowl generic rules
  "Miss next" waivedthis rule overrides the Official Rules
At beginning of season, no player can start with a "miss next match" from an injury received in a previous season. Erase all the "M"s on the team roster, just before first round.
  Bountiesthis rule overrides the Official Rules
Coaches may spend Money from their Treasury (Minimum 20,000gp) to place a bounty on a players head (in the same league). If that player dies, the opposing team will be awarded the bounty at the end of the game. If the marked player retires, the money is lost to corruption.

This is done at the "Buy player/staff" site.
  Concedingthis rule overrides the Official Rules
If a coach decides to concede while not behind in TD score, the opposing team will be awarded TDs until having more TDs than the conceding team. Such extra TDs will not give any SPP (they will function as scored by player number 0 on the roster).

The conceding team will also lose one league point. (In addition to the regular penalties for conceding) This penalty point will not be applied if conceding due to 2 or less players before kickoff.
  Inducementsthis rule overrides the Official Rules
Both coaches can use inducements. First determine the Team Value difference between the teams. The team with the highest TV can then enter petty cash. Once that is done the other team gets inducements up to the earlier difference plus their own petty cash.

The following inducements are allowed:

0-2 Bloodweiser Babes/Kegs
0-3 Bribes
0-4 Extra Team Training
0-2 Wandering Apothecaries (if your team may use Apothecaries)
0-2 Star Players
0-5 Special play Cards
0-2* (In)Famous Coaching Staff of which 1 may be a wizard
Racial inducements from Spike 1-8 with limits given in respective rules text.
Any number of Mercenaries

Stockbowl Inducements
  Match reporting
To report a match one of the coaches may enter it on the match-page, then the other coach need to log in and approve the result. Before the match will be effectuated on the page a commissioner must also approve and implement the result.

Remember that Chainsaws, Bombs, Stab and other secret weapons do not count for SPP purposes but should be counted as made by "random event", not the player holding the Weapon.

Detailed instructions on how to fill in the match report can be found (in Swedish) here:
  No permanent injuries to stars
Any injury (including death) inflicted on a star player is waived after the match. In other words: There will always be a Star Player with the same stats ready for the next match.

You cannot use apothecary or igor on star players, and stars cannot be raised or affected by Nurgle's Rot.
  Number of teams
We limit the number of teams each coach may have listed on the site to three. If you want a new team after that you either need to retire one of your other teams or pay the administrative fee for an additional team. Contact a commish to buy an additional team.
Overtime is not normally used.
The matches are played two halves of 8 turns per coach and half. If the score is tied after the second half the match is recorded as a draw.
  Piling-onthis rule overrides the Official Rules
When declaring the use of Piling-on a team reroll is used.
  Player Models and Numbersthis rule overrides the Official Rules
It should be clear what model represents what player and position on the pitch.

All players must have a visible player-number somewhere on the player and/or base (under the base is not visible), preferably on both the front and back side somewhere.
The player-number must be 1-2 digits in Arabic numerals (i.e. 0-99). For clarity Roman numerals (or any other numerals) will not be allowed as sole player-number on the players, but they may be present if you also have the player-number in Arabic numerals.

The number must be easily correlated to the player on the roster. This means that if you do not use the 1-16 predefined roster numbers you need to have the players “shirt number” in the player name. (Journeyman proxy-numbers may be assigned by hand to the roster at the time of the match).
Also if you use any numbers except 1-16 please try to use a logical numbers series based on player positions.

For added clarity we strongly recommend using the StockBowl Base Coloring Guidelines.
  Recording casualties
All casualties are reccorded before Regenerate rolls or Apothecary re-rolls have been made. When a player is healed and returned to the reserves box, record the injury as "Healed or Regenerated".
A re-draft is mandatory at the beginning of each major season (regular or open) if the team has played more than 4 games without re-drafting.

A re-draft is mandatory at the beginning of any season (Reserves Rumble, Silly Season, SquigBowl etc) if the team has played 10 or more games without re-drafting.

A team can elect to re-draft at the beginning of any season.

Redraft step-by-step
  Special Play Cardsthis rule overrides the Official Rules
Special Play cards from the old CRP will be available as Inducements, you may choose which of the seven decks you want to pick from. (Assuming you pay the corresponding price)
  Starting Teams
All new teams start with a treasury of 1.000.000 gp
A starting team must include at least 11 players.
(You are not allowed to start a new team with journeymen on the roster)

Make sure to buy your team as soon as possible, once it is signed up for a season the re-roll cost doubles.
A player who doesn't have an active team in Stockbowl may create a Youngblood-team by starting a new team. That team gets the temporary tag [YB] before it's name.

The Youngblood status remains for three games, after which the tag is removed, and the team loses this status. A team that is restarted, or joins a regular season, immediately loses the Youngblood status.

All Deaths and Serious Injuries suffered by a Youngblood team are considered "Miss Next Game". Report the match as usual, a commish will make the necessary adjustments.

Apothecaries, Nurgle's Rot and Necromancers work as usual in games involving Youngblood-teams.
 4. League Rules (Regular seasons)
In order to keep the league varied and diverse, there may not be more that three teams who share the same race.

If we hit 40 coaches we will raise the cap to four teams per race.

If there are more coaches than allowed that wish to play a certain race this is the priority:
1. Painted team
2. Wanted to play that race last season but was not allowed
3. Time of registration

A coach new to the league is excempted from this rule.
  Double Walkoverthis rule overrides the Official Rules
If a match haven’t been played and been reported by the last appointed day for the round (the default date in the Matches page), and none of the Coaches have contacted the commissioners with an explanation of why the match will be postponed. It will not only be cancelled, but will be counted as a double walkover. This means that both teams will lose one league point (no winnings or MVP will be awarded).
  League Points and Ranking
Teams are ranked within each division by league points. Points are earned as follows.

+3 points for a win
+1 point for a tie
0 points for a loss
-1 point for a walkover or conceeded game
-1 point for Starting new team midseason
-1 point for re-drafting mid-season

In the event of tied ranking, teams are sorted by most League Points, best TD difference, most TDs scored, then casualty difference, then most casualties inflicted.
  Match schedule
The matches are played by a fixed schedule of rounds drawn at the start of each season. Usually each round is two weeks long (we might allow longer during holidays). The last date that the match needs to be played and reported by is listed in the match schedule. It is up to the coaches to communicate and decide when and where each match will be played within the time allotted for the round.

We usually meet Thursday nights at Alphaspel in Örnsberg. The coaches are welcome to schedule their matches at these meetings but it is not mandatory to play there.

StockBowl games should be distinguished by a forthcoming and positive attitude, and everyone in the league should strive to be friendly and pull together to get the games played. If, despite this, an agreement about time and place to play the game can not be reached our regular game night will be prioritized.

If the coaches cannot decide on a match date it is imperative that they contact the commissioners who will try to solve the issue as smoothly as possible. We understand that people have lives outside of Blood Bowl, and strive to get all matches to be played rather than handing out Walkovers. But we cannot let postponed matches snowball leading to other postponed matches as this can wreck the league schedule.

Important notice: If one coach can only play on thursdays, and the other coach can not play on thursdays, then the coach who can only play on thursdays wins on walk over.
Starting from the second regular season* a team is playing in, the team may only participate in the play-offs if it is fully painted and based.

*A team that has played 4+ games (i.e. Open, Squig, Reserves rumble) is considered to have played a regular season
The play-off will be played in two steps, between the 8 teams that got play-off spots.

In step 1 all of the 1/4-finals is played during a period of (almost) two weeks.

The teams will be matched highest versus lowest in falling order, by season score:

1 vs 8
4 vs 5
2 vs 7
3 vs 6

The winners of those games will continue to step 2 which is the play-off day:

1/8 vs 4/5
2/7 vs 3/6

The winners of the 1/2-finals will then play the final and the losers of the 1/2-finals will play a game for the third place.

If any of the 8 teams that got play-off spots can not participate in the entire play-off their places will be awarded to other teams, by season ranking (wildcards first, others after them).

If any of the 4 teams that got into the 1/2 finals cannot play during the play-off day their positions will be awarded to other teams. If possible, the positions will be taken by teams eliminated in the quarter finals. But a position cannot be taken by the team that missed that same position due to being eliminated by the now absent team. If there still are empty positions in the semifinals after this, they will be awarded to teams that have not participated in the play-offs, by season ranking.

The Teams playing in the 1/2-final and match for third place will receive 20 kgp extra winnings.
The Teams playing in the Final will receive 30 kgp extra winnings.

Overtime - The playoff matches may not end in a draw and will go into overtime if the score is tied at the end of the second half. The overtime will be played as sudden death (i.e. the match ends as soon as a touchdown is scored), but no more than 8 rounds for each coach. If the teams are still tied after the overtime, there will be penalty shoot-outs.

Inducements in the play-off follow the normal rules for inducements in the league. In step 2 any Special play Cards drawn will be from one joint pool for the play-off.

All "miss next game" will be removed before the playoffs begin.
  Team drop-out
We do not like coaches dropping out during a running season - if you want to play in the league, you agree to play all your matches in that season.
In case of the sad incident that a team must drop out, we prefer that another person takes over coaching it. If this is not possible, we might use the commissioner special team to play the remaining matches instead of the original team.
  Walkoverthis rule overrides the Official Rules
If a Coach A does not show up for a scheduled match within a reasonable time, the game may be declared a walkover. First however the coach B needs to try to contact the coach A and try to reschedule the match. If the coach B does not manage to contact coach A, or the coaches don’t manage to find a new time to play, coach B must first contact the commissioners who will then try to solve the situation or declare a walkover as they see fit.
If the same coach does not show up for the rescheduled match, the other coach will automatically win by a walkover.

If a walkover is declared, the team that showed up wins the match by 2-0 (The TD:s for a walkover will function as scored by player number 0 on the roster), they will also receive both teams winnings (2d6+1 x 10.000gp) and MVP:s on two random players (Same rules as for Conceding), commissioners will roll the winnings and MVP:s and award them to the team.

The team that did not show will lose one league point.
 5. StockBowl Open
Stockbowl Open is an open challenge based Blood Bowl Season that goes side by side with the regular Blood Bowl league.
Any team not currently in an active league season is eligible for play. To join the season just sign up. However, if a team joins another season while enlisted in an Open season, the team cannot play any more games in the Open season.

You're only allowed to play each Coach three times in one Open Season, provided that it does not happen with the same rulesets.
The three options are; regular Blood Bowl rules, Dungeon Bowl rules or Boat Pitch rules.
In the Open league there is no cap on the team races. However, we cap the coaches. Each open season a coach can enter one team only. If that team drops out they cannot enter a new team. However, a team can at any point reset and restart as a new 1000k team of the same race with the same team name, This gives no negative effect except the feeling of failure and the anger of the fans.
  League Points and Ranking
Teams are ranked by league points. Points are earned as follows.
+3p for a win
+1p for a draw
+0p for a loss

The team with the most points when the season ends is the winner. Number of matches played is the first tie-breaker.
  Match planning
Matches are planned by challenging other coaches. A coach can challenge every other coach thrice. To help with this we encourage the use of the appropriate thread in our Stockbowl forum at the the Swedish Blood Bowl Alliance web portal.
A team must be fully painted and based to win the open league. When the season ends and the winner is not fully painted they forfeit their winning place to the best placed fully painted team.
  Walkover/Game refusal
Since this is a challenge based league you can always say no to a game. As for now we will try to avoid printing out rules for refused games in hope that this will not be a problem.
 6. Stockbowl 7evens
StockBowl 7evens is a way to play Blood Bowl Sevens within the framework of a series.
Outside of those modifications specifically described below, games will be played using the most
current StockBowl ruleset.

  7evens Rules
A special BB7s pitch is used. The pitch is divided into three six-square zones plus two onesquare endzones lengthwise, for a total pitch size of 20 squares long by 11 squares wide.

GAME LENGTH: BB 7evens matches are made up of two 6-turn halves, rather than the normal 8-turn
halves used in Blood Bowl.

THE SET-UP: Seven players are set up per team, all behind their own Line of Scrimmage (LoS). One
player is allowed in each wide zone per team, while a minimum of three players on each team must
set up on their team’s LoS.

KICK-OFF: In 7evens, when the ball is kicked off 2D6 are rolled to determine scatter and the lower
result is used. Kicks may be aimed at the area between the two LoS, however, for the purposes of
resolving the kick-off event (including skills e.g. Kick-Off Return), the area between the two LoS is
considered the opponent's half.
Forbidden inducements:
Star Players, (In)famous Coaching Staff and Extra Training are removed from the inducements list.

Journeymen, Wandering Apothecaries, Babes, Igor, Bribes, Mercenaries, Chefs and Special Play Cards
and other inducements are all allowed as normal.
  Kick-off table
Result name in CAPITAL LETTERS indicate that there is a difference from the standard kick-off table.

2. Get the Ref:
The fans exact gruesome revenge on the referee for some of the
dubious decisions he has made either during this match or in the
past. His replacement is so intimidated that he can be more easily
persuaded to look the other way. Each team receives 1 additional Bribe
to use during the game. A bribe allows you to attempt to ignore one
call by the referee for a player who has committed a foul to be sent off
or a player armed with a secret weapon. Roll a D6, on a 2-6 the bribe is
effective (preventing a Turnover if the player was ejected for fouling)
but on a roll of a 1 the bribe is wasted and the call still stands. Each Bribe
may be used once per match.

3. Riot:
The trash talk between two opposing players explodes and rapidly
degenerates involving the rest of the players. If the receiving team’s
turn marker is on turn 7 for the half, both teams move their turn
marker back one space as the referee resets the clock back to before the
fight started. If the receiving team has not yet taken a turn this half the
referee lets the clock run on during the fight and both teams’ turn
markers are moved forward one space. Otherwise roll a D6. On a 1-3,
both teams’ turn markers are moved forward one space. On a 4-6, both
team’s turn markers are moved back one space.

All players on the kicking team are allowed to move one square. This is a
free move and may be used to cross the Line of Scrimmage.

The receiving team’s coach may reorganize his players (the new setup
must still be a legal setup).

Each team rolls a d6 and adds their FAME modifier and number of
Cheerleaders. The team with a higher score gains a Team Reroll. In the
case of a tie, neither side gets a reroll.

7. Changing Weather:
Make a new roll on the Weather table. Apply the new Weather roll. If the
new Weather roll was a ‘Nice’ result then a gentle gust of wind makes the
ball scatter one extra square in a random direction before landing.

Each team rolls a D6 and adds their FAME modifier and number of Assistant Coaches. The team with a higher score gains a Team Re-roll. In the
case of a tie, neither side gets a re-roll.

9. Quick Snap:
The offence start their drive a fraction before the defense is ready, catching the kicking team flat footed. All of the players on the receiving team
are allowed to move one square. This is a free move and may be made
into an adjacent empty square, ignoring tackle zones. It may be used to
enter the opposing half of the pitch.

10. CHARGE!:
The kicking team’s coach chooses a number between zero and three.
All players on the kicking team are moved directly forward this number
of squares. This is a free move, ignores player movement and does not
require activation or GFIs.

11. Throw A Rock:
An enraged fan hurls a large rock at one of the players on the opposing
team. Each coach rolls a D6 and adds their FAME to the roll. The fans of
the team with the higher total are the ones who threw the rock. In case
of a tie a rock is thrown at each team! Decide randomly which player on
the opposing team was hit (only players on the pitch are eligible) and
roll for the effects of the injury straight away. No armour roll is required.

12. Pitch Invasion:
Both coaches rolls a D6 for each opposing player on
the pitch and adds their FAME to the roll. If the roll is a 6 or more after
modification then the player is Stunned (players with the Ball & Chain are
KO’d). A roll of 1 before adding FAME will always have no effect.
A 7evens team that has played at least 5 games has to go through a redraft between seasons. All rules for team creation apply, including their budget being decreased by 400,000 gc.

Alternatively a 7evens team can be moved from the 7evens-league to the standard league. In this case it has to go through a redraft following all usual rules for redrafting. Limits to number of teams per coach apply.
  Team Creation
 The budget is decreased by 400.000 gc. Thus teams may be purchased using 600,000 gc.
 Teams may be selected from any of the rosters approved for StockBowl’s regular seasons.
 At creation, and after a redraft, a team may not have fewer than 7 or more than 11 players
on the roster. A team will only field 7 players at a time.
 Only 4 “specialist” players (meaning any player whose availability is less than 0-12) may be
 7evens teams are not very well-trained or reliable. Team re-rolls cost double their listed cost.
For example, a re-roll for a Human team would cost 100,000 gc.
 The Leader skill is banned.
 You team does not have a coach (they can't afford one). Instead, one player must be chosen (before the team’s first match is played) to be given the Extra Improvement Team Captain (this does not have a TV cost attached). This is a special skill that lets you make an Argue the Call when this player is on the pitch or in the reserves. If you roll a 1 for Argue the Call, this player will be sent off along with the fouling player, just as the coach would have been in the ordinary rule set. If this player is not on the pitch or in the reserves box, you cannot Argue the Call and you further receive a -1 modifier when rolling for Brilliant Coaching results on the kick-off table.
If (and only if) the team captain leaves your team (as a result of being killed, fired, or choosing to retire) you can choose a new player to be team captain.
  Team Developmentthis rule overrides the Official Rules
All winnings are halved, fractions rounded up to the next even 10kgp.
The MVPs are determined by randomly selecting one player that was eligible to play during this
match, even if they are dead now.
When resolving downtime, you get 600kgp as the basic sum to redraft instead of the usual 1000kgp.
 7. Prizes
  Coach Sponsored Prizesthis rule overrides the Official Rules
Coaches are encouraged to sponsor a special prize of their own. It may be either for Player achievements or Team achievements.

The purpose of the coach prizes are to raise the fun- and fluff-factor of the game, not to give unfair advantages for certain teams. For this reason the prizes may not consist of “in-game” advantages or gold.
The Coach Prizes may not be used to place bounties on players.

Examples of Prizes could be:
A couple of beers for the Coach of the Most Lethal Player (Most Kills) of the Season.
A special Miniature for the nicest coach.
A challenge trophy for the team with most interceptions during a season.

If you want to enter a prize contact the Commissioners with the following information:
- Prize name, no more than 20 characters.
- Criteria’s for obtaining the prize, Team or Player Prize.
- What the prize will consist of.
- [optional] An Icon for the prize (.gif-image, max width: 17px, max height: 25px), we can help you find a suitable icon if you want.

To see the prizes already entered go to Coach sponsored prizes.
  Commissioner Special Prize - Collector Cards
To encourage coaches to paint their teams we will award the Collector cards prize to any team that meet the criteria below:

Collector Cards
* All players and the head coach must be painted and based (based = flock/sand or other fitting basing). [This is also a requirement for adding pictures of players to the site]
* All players must follow the numbering rules. (i.e. visible player numbers somewhere on the model or base, in Arabic numerals [0-9])
* Pictures of all players must be present on the league page.
* A team picture, that includes the head coach must be present on the league page.
* The team must have a logo on the League page.
Upon attaining the prize the team will receive a MVP (5 SPP), awarded to a random permanent player in the team.

The prize will be awarded any team as soon as they meet the criteria and are active in a season. (Yes you can receive the prize in the middle or even beginning of a season)
Any team already awarded the Collector Cards prize (was awarded to 5 teams during S2 & S2½) will receive their random MVP if/when they meet the above criteria.
  Player Prizes
After each regular season the following Player Prizes will be awarded:

Top scorer (most scored td's):
Player gets a trophy icon on the players page.

Most violent player (inflicted the most cas):
Player gets a trophy icon on the players page.

Top thrower (most completed passes):
Player gets a trophy icon on the players page.

Deadliest Player (inflicted the most kills):
Player gets a trophy icon on the players page.

Top intercepter (most interceptions):
Player gets a trophy icon on the players page.

Rising Star (most spp's earned during the season):
Player gets a trophy icon on the players page.

In case of ties all tied players will be awarded the prize. If more than 3 players are tied for a prize no player will be awarded the prize.

The play-off games are not counted for the purpose of these prizes.
  Team Trophies
After each regular season the following Team Trophies will be awarded:

Champion - Awarded to the Winning team
2nd place - Awarded to the team that place 2:nd
3rd place - Awarded to the team that place 3:d

Most Lethal Team - the team(s) that has inflicted most kills in a season and is rewarded with an extra random prize MVP.
Fair Play Prize - the team(s) that has inflicted fewest casualties in a season, and the prize is also one extra random prize MVP. Teams that have lost points due to Walkovers will not be eligible.

Jumbo prize - the team that has made the poorest performance during the whole season (i.e. the loosing team), the prize entitles to a free re roll for the next season the team participates in. (The team will be awarded the RR at the prize ceremony, and it will be removed after the next season is completed).
Teams that have lost points due to Walkovers will not be eligible and the regular tie-breakers are used.

In case of ties all tied teams will be awarded the prize unless there is more than three teams tied for a prize in which case no team will be awarded the prize.

Other than first, second and third place the play-off games are not counted for the purpose of these prizes.
 8. Rule Clarifications
  Blocking Sequence
Before an announced block is carried out, execute Dump Off (and any Pass block action due to the Dump-Off) if the blocked player can and will.
Then determine the number of block dice according to assists. Roll for block and execute the result of the block dice. Choose whether or not to follow up. Then roll for armour (and injury) if a player was knocked over. Then roll for scatter if the ball carrier was knocked down or Strip Ball takes effect.
The thrower will only earn a completion (1 SPP) if the throw was accurate, and the ball is in possession of the intended receiver as it comes to rest.

Even if caught after bouncing around first, i.e. if the intended target first dropped the ball, but then it bounced back, and he caught it it would be a completion.
  Disturbing Presence
Disturbing Presence only affects the opposite team, not your own.
  Dump Off
This skill is triggered when an opponent is about to block you. The skill also works when you are about to be attacked with a special weapon like a chainsaw or dagger, but a wizard attack or an exploding bomb (or a thrown team-mate landing on top of you) will not let you use the skill.
  Lost tackle zone
When having lost your tackle zone (because of hypnotic gaze or bone head/really stupid), you cannot use pass block, intercept or use skills which relates to your tackle zone (such as shadowing). If the ball (or a bomb) lands in your square, you will automatically miss the catch. The bomb will explode while the ball will scatter.
  Pass Block
You may use pass block in your own turn as a response to Dump Off.
  Perfect defence
When rolling the perfect defence result on the kick-off table, you may reorganize the players on the field - it is not a completely new set-up where you can exchange the players on the field with players in the dug-out.
If you used the Kick skill in the scattering process on the kick off (remember that the kick-off effect takes place after the ball scatters, but before it lands), you must still place a player with Kick in a proper position on the field when rearranging your perfect defence.
  Side Step
Side Step also works on subsequent pushing. You have to be standing to use Side Step this way.
 9. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ´s)
  Can you continue your blitz move after Wrestle?
Q: If a player has declared a blitz action and both players are wrestled to the ground, can the blitzing player stand up (or jump up) and continue moving if his MA allows it?

A: No you can only stand up at the start of your action. So wrestle effectively ends that players action.

(source: CRP, page 11 - Stand up)
  Can you re-draft your team during a season?
Yes, you may re-draft your team during a running season.
It costs you 1 league point (add (-1)).
To initiate a re-draft you must contact a commish and send an email to
  Do re-rolls cost double between seasons?
Yes. Rerolls cost 2x their listed price after you sign up for a season.
  Do the bounties continue over each season?
Bounties continue until the player is dead or retires (and goes into hiding, changes their name, etc)
  Do the team reset after each season?
No you will keep the teams as they are between seasons, with the exception that any Miss Next Game are waived.
A coach may choose to play with another team for next season, but may only enter one team for each season.
  Do Wizard target stunned/proned players?
No, they're safe on the ground. The wizard only target standing players.
  Does succesfull Argue the call lead to turnover?
Yes, on a succes (6) it's still a turnover and the player is placed in reserves.
  Does your team have to be fully painted?
Teams do not have to be painted to play in the league, however if you want your own players pics to be used on your teams page, they will need to be painted.
  What happens if I have no players left?
If you have no players left n the field at any point during a drive, your opponent plays on until they score.

"In the rare event that one team has no players to set up after KO’d rolls, both teams' turn markers are moved forward along the turn track two spaces and if one team could field at least one player then that team is awarded a touchdown (however no player receives Star Player points (see page 25) for this.. If this takes the number of turns to 8 or more for both teams, then the half ends. If there are still turns left in the half, then continue playing as if a drive has just ended (i.e. clear the pitch and roll for KO'd players)." (p15 CRP.)
  Which can I use first, Apothecary or Regen?
If available you MUST use the Apothecary before you use a Regeneration roll.

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